The Role of Speech Therapy in your Child’s Development

Literal act of speaking is what many people think when they hear about speech therapy. Although it is true, there are more to speech therapy that many people don’t know. Language disorders and social skills are also part of the therapy which is beneficial most especially to children who are non-verbal. These children with speech problems need to be able to communicate even if it’s not with audible words effectively. Children that are having trouble in pronouncing certain letters, difficulty in understanding what they say, as well having troubles to understand what other people mean to them and other problems with communication to other people are some indicators that your child needs to undergo speech therapy. A speech therapist Adelaide will not only help children with speech problems but also those with swallowing and chewing disorders.


A speech therapist has numerous ways that will help your child in strengthening their speech muscles and assist them in pronouncing the sounds correctly. They can help with articulation and fluency including the right quality and volume of their speech. Aside from that, for those kids with swallowing and chewing issues, a speech therapist will provide oral muscle exercise that will improve their feeding pattern. Not only that but they can also work on oral stimulation and sensitivity to different tastes or textures which is exceptionally beneficial to those picky eater kids.


Moreover, the speech therapist also helps your kids to develop correct expressions as well as speaking and acting in socially appropriate ways so that they can efficiently fit in the society. Children with autism who are struggling with social cues or connecting words with emotions can especially benefit from speech therapy. For a variety of disorders, the therapist will model correct grammar and vocabulary helping them to expand their knowledge through the use of books, toys, games and other activities that will contribute to the enhancement of language development and processing. Thus, if you want your child to excel or enhance his or her speech capability and overcome socialisation issues, you should entertain the idea of working with a speech therapist.



To give you an overview of the range of benefits speech therapy offers to your kids, we listed some of those things below.


  • They are improving the child’s articulation so that others can comprehend what they are trying to say.
  • A therapist will help the child in unlocking and understanding the meaning of words and how to use them correctly in situations and sentences.
  • A therapist will help them to socialise appropriately in various situations and settings.
  • They are improving the child’s interaction with others by developing their conversational skills.
  • A therapist can help children to express their thoughts, needs and ideas more understandably.
  • Teaching them self-regulation and assisting them in following rules for conversation.
  • A therapist helps the child to develop non-verbal communication skills like facial expressions and body language.
  • A therapist will assist them with how to put words together in a sentence that make sense.


Lastly, a speech therapist Adelaide will introduce the child to alternative communication devices like picture exchange communication systems or text-to-speech programs.