Important Tips When Getting Car Paint Protection Adelaide and Detailing

Nothing is more attractive on the road than seeing the vibrant shine of a vehicle and its well-maintained car paint. Who doesn’t notice and appreciate the extreme beauty and appeal that it provides? However, achieving this effect on your car will take a lot of hard work and effort coming from you, especially when executing paint protection Adelaide and car detailing.


Whether you hire a professional car detailing service or do it yourself, make sure that it’s one hundred percent perfect. Numerous paint protection methods have been utilized, but none proved to be potent.


However, there are a select few that we consider as the most effective methods. These techniques have been used for years and continue seeing relevance even today. In this article, we’re going to show you two of these methods:


Use a Clay Bar

Stains that stick to your car paint can potentially toughen and become stubborn that not even the strongest car shampoo and are enough to remove them. That’s why you should shift your method towards using a clay bar. This fantastic product is a type of resin that offers some high degree of elasticity. A clay bar is called such due to its texture being similar to a play-doh. While it can be time-consuming to apply, using a clay bar is relatively easy. The first step you’ll need to do is washing your car paint with your preferred car shampoo. Doing so will remove most of the dirt and grime.


The next step is going to be the claying process. Most clay bars available in the market also come with a lubricant. However, you can purchase a separate lubricant if the one you bought doesn’t have it. Lubricate the entire surface to let the clay glide smoothly across the surface of your car. Click here to learn more about lubricating your car’s surface for clay bar application.


Polish Your Car Paint

The other car paint protection Adelaide technique that we’re going to show you right now is polishing. It’s currently among the most misunderstood procedures. That’s the reason why many car owners skip this process. Car polish is a type of abrasive that will shave off any imperfections on your car’s paint. It also levels the surface, making it shinier and smoother. Polishing also prepares your car for the next step in car paint protection, which is a sealant or wax application. Waxing your vehicle without going through the polishing process will make the paint look mesh-y and dull. The layer of wax also tends to wear off quickly, making your car look old and worn. That’s why you should polish your car paint first before applying anything else.