Essential Tips to Follow When Shopping for Kids Shoes & Sandals

If you’re looking for the best shoes for your little boy or girl, always keep in mind that it’s still about fit, form, and function. Fashion is considered as a consolation when it comes to kids shoes & sandals. Of course, there are many cute and attractive little shoes out there that will fit both worlds. That way, you should be able to apply these important tips and rules when shopping for kid’s shoes. With that said, here’s how you should pick out essential shoes for your toddler:


Measure Things Out

Always take a measured approach when shopping for kids shoes. That being said – don’t buy your child’s first pair of shoes online. Instead, go to a physical store that features a separate kids’ department. You can even go to a store that specialises in kid’s shoes. If you don’t know the size of your little one’s feet, have it measured by a professional. That way, you’ll know what size you’re going for when buying kids shoes. When choosing a pair, make sure that they fit perfectly. That means they must not be too loose or too tight. The size should be right for your child to attain maximum comfort.


Make Sure Your Child is Standing

What we mean by this is to make sure your child is standing when his or her foot is being measured. Keep a closer eye (while measuring) on his or her toes. Kids tend to curl their feet, which will throw off the measurement and make it inaccurate. Instead, make sure your child’s feet are straight and flat onto the ground. That way, the specialist can measure the right size and give you the ideal pair or kids shoes & sandals for your little one.


Let Your Child Wear Socks

Yes, we may have said that the shoe size should be right. But that also takes into account when your child is wearing socks. If you bought a pair of shoes that’s precisely the size of their feet, then that would mean it will become tight once your child wears socks. There should be a small allowance of space on your child’s feet. It will allow their feet to breathe and be comfortable – even when they’re wearing socks.


So there you have it – a short yet essential guide towards purchasing kids shoes & sandals. You may have a lot more things to ask; so make sure you send them to us via email. Click here to get our official email and start sending us your inquiries.