Top Kitchen Appliances Newlyweds Should Have

Getting married is one of the most memorable events in one’s life. While every minute of the day should be treasured and captured in lovely photos, the aftermath can be exhausting but downright fun. If you and your spouse have just ended the day with “I do” and you’re on a honeymoon somewhere in the Bahamas, you may want to spend some time checking your list of home appliances. It’s always a great thing to be ready for life after the wedding!





Toasts are some of the best breakfast options there are. There are many recipes you can make with toasted bread, and you can also prepare PBJ sandwiches for your partner to take to work for break time. Make sure to purchase your toaster from best kitchen appliances Adelaide providers for a five-star breakfast experience.




Whether you’re a baker by heart or you’ve just started learning the basics of baking, it’s vital to have an oven in the kitchen. You can save a few bucks if you bake a cake for your sweetheart on his birthday and the gift will be more valuable since you poured time and effort while creating it.




Who doesn’t love coffee? This appliance is among the top 10 kitchen necessities that people around the world purchase. Whether you’re making a home-made frappe or brewed coffee, your trusty coffeemaker can help give you the boost you need for the day.


If you’re a more traditional love team, you can always opt for a trusty kettle that can be used for tea and other hot beverages such as hot cocoa or warm milk.




If you and your spouse love fresh fruit drinks, you should get a juicer that gives you more juice than pulp. These days, people are transitioning towards healthier options. Two cups of fresh juice for newlyweds are the best treats after a long day of work.


Cooking Range


As potato is to steak and butter is to bread, so is a cooking range to a kitchen. This is one of the most essential items your home should have. You can find varieties of stove tops from the best kitchen appliances Adelaide providers. Since you’ve just tied the knot, you may want to purchase a cooking range with a classy, electric stove top. It’s popular and adds a whole new flavour to your kitchen’s overall aesthetics.




Last but not least, you should have necessary cooking utensils aside from spoons, forks, and knives. The list includes but is not limited to peelers, whisks, measuring cups or spoons, graters, rolling pins, bottle openers, pot holders, thermometers, spatulas, ladles, and other necessary kitchen tools.


Don’t forget your pans! Your local kitchen appliances provider can offer a wide range of pots and pans that will surely be beneficial for your cooking needs.

Most often than not, some of your wedding guests already covered your kitchen appliances so open your gifts first then make a list of the things you still don’t have. Call your local provider to get the best advice on which brands you should patronise.