Hay Making – Importance of Net Wrap and Balers Twine

When preserving livestock feeds, the first option that comes in mind is to make hay. Hay is very common when it comes to feeding livestock, and every serious livestock farmer will always ensure that he/she has enough hay bales. These hay bales are from grass and other fodder crops. But how do you create quality hay bales?

When making hay bales, there are a few supplies you need besides ensuring that you have enough feeds for preservation. The first and the obvious is the net wrap. The net wrap is used to wrap the hay bales. When you wrap the bales properly, you can be sure that it will be safe from any form of weather damage and therefore you can leave the bales on the farm. With bales safe from weather damage, you can make as many hay bales as possible as you do not need to have a storage space unlike the traditional way of making silage.

When ordering net wraps, you should as well ensure that you order quality hay balers twine. This one is used to bind the hay together before you start wrapping. When you harvest your grass ready for preservation, you will use a hay baler. The hay baler collects the fodder and form round or square bales. Each bale requires binding to ensure less wastage and to keep the baled grass stuck together. It is where the need for balers twine comes in.

Purchasing baling twine is not as easy as ordering net wraps. There are unique qualities you need to check before you order. First, you must check the colour. However, why check on the colour? Well, the colour is critical to ensure that when feeding the hay to your livestock, you can distinguish between the balers twine and hay. Feeding the baling twine to your livestock is dangerous since the twine is not digestible and so this will lead to digestion problems.

It will, in turn, cause retarded growth and reduced production. Besides the colour, the twine should as well be strong enough to ensure easy binding. With strong twine, there will be no breakage when binding the bales.

When buying net wraps and Hay Balers Twine, you should ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable supplier. You can always look for wholesale suppliers who have a good reputation when it comes to dealing with agricultural supplies. Once you spot one, either through referral or through research online, check if they can deliver to your doorstep and if they offer product warranty before you can order from them. Only after verifying they are the best should you buy from them.