Removing a Palm Tree: Reasons Why You Must Consider It

Every time you see a neighbour removing his or her palm tree, you cannot help yourself but ask why anyone would do it, especially when the reason he or she planted a palm is to improve the look of his or her space and provide shade. Well, there is no denying the benefits of a palm tree, but like all other living things, it eventually reaches the end of its life; and when that time comes, you must face the music. A dead, deteriorating, or decaying palm tree won’t do you any good. It could even cause injury or damage to property when it falls on its own. So, yes, there is a reasonable explanation for palm tree removal Perth.

The first and most justifiable reason to remove palm trees on your land is to protect everyone from an impending disaster. A massive tree standing right beside or in front of your house is no joke, especially when it no longer is as healthy and stable as it used to. When you notice that the tree is on the verge of dying or has some disease eating up its body and fronds, you cannot afford to wait for it to fall on its own. If you ignore it, it could happen at the most inopportune time, like when someone passes by or when it lands right on top of your car, fence, or house. A dead or dying palm tree is a disaster waiting to happen at any moment.

The next reason for palm tree removal Perth is when you need the space it occupies to give way to a new landscaping project. If you plan on renovating your outdoor space, it means you want to add some new features, expand your garden, or perhaps build a new structure like a pergola or verandah. If the new project does not include the palm tree, you, therefore, have no choice but to remove it. The size of the tree means it occupies a significant space on your yard, something you can use if you remove it.

Furthermore, there have been several instances of homeowners complaining about a sudden infestation of pests or insects in their property, realising soon after that the culprit is a palm tree that has become a nest or colony of ants, bugs, termites, even rats and rodents. If for some reason pests started infesting the tree, then you should have it removed right before those creatures find their way to your home. No homeowner desires to share his or her house with unwanted guests, especially those that wreak havoc to the property.

Even though you love your palm tree and you probably have some sentimental value for it, you have to accept the reality that it may soon cause a burden to you.