Three Simple Steps to a Successful Home Rendering Melbourne Job

Are you new to home rendering? If so, you might think that it’s a long and complicated task to do. However, the truth is that it will only be hard if you make it that way. In reality, all it takes is three simple steps to complete. That’s right – three. Follow these three simple steps, and you can perform home rendering Melbourne without even getting help from a professional rendering company.



Preparing Your Wall for Rendering

Before you start applying the rendering solution, make sure your wall is clean and free from any impurities. Remove old paint and rendering with a chisel or any other type of scraping tool. Eliminate bumps, dripping renders, paint, or excess mortar.

Soften any hard and stubborn material that’s stuck in your wall with a stiff-bristled broom. Work your way towards the surface of your wall, removing dirt and other debris along the way. Don’t forget to remove any presence of moss or mound that have grown onto your wall.

Finish things up by spraying water onto your wall using a high-pressure hose. Doing so will prevent water in your rendering mortar from drying.


Mixing The Rendering Melbourne Mortar

Once your wall is ready for rendering, it’s time to prepare the mortar. Purchase a rendering mortar from a reliable store like the local hardware. Choose an ideal colour that would suit your wall and house, in general. Some colour suggestions would include off-white, yellow, grey, light blue, and green. You can mix two different colours to create a new one and customise your render accordingly.

Once your render is ready, pour water into a bucket. You can use a wheelbarrow for portability if you’re rendering a large wall. Pour just the right amount of water appropriate to your rendering solution. For a full guide on the numbers, click this link.

Pour the rendering mortar into the bucket of water. Mix thoroughly until infused well, become stiff, and lump-free. For mixing, you can use a shovel or a hoe. You will know that your render is mixed well when it has a consistency similar to that of a thick paste.


Applying the Render

Once your rendering mix is ready, you can now begin the application process. Smear rendering solution onto the wall using a trowel. Press it firmly onto your wall to ensure a solid hold. Spread evenly until you’ve covered your entire wall with rendering Melbourne solution.