Tips for Selecting the Best Upholstered Armchairs

A living room isn’t complete without an armchair. Sure, you can make an argument about a couch. But we all know that it’s there all the time. What most people don’t give much consideration is armchair. It’s singlehandedly the best seat that you can have in the living room — but explaining why is for another article. In this one, we’re going to talk about selecting the best-upholstered RealityFurniture armchairs Adelaide.


Armchairs AdelaideThe Chair Seat

This part of the entire furniture is the most crucial feature since it’s responsible for supporting your full weight. When shopping for a quality armchair, always consider these common elements:


  • Feel: make sure the set feels soft and comfortable to sit on. At the same time, it should also offer firm support. A seat that sinks in too much is less desirable as you will struggle to get up and out of it. On the other end, a chair that’s too hard may become uncomfortable after sitting on it for a considerable period.
  • Angle: proper angling is another crucial element of RealityFurniture armchairs Adelaide. In a standard armchair, your thighs should be sitting perpendicular since comfortability will be an issue if your knees are pointing upwards or down. Look for an armchair with the ideal seat height that’s right for you. Most chairs are about 18 inches high. You can find seats that are either higher or lower to match your specific body shape.
  • Depth: if you’re a tall person, look for a seat with greater depth. Choose the one that can comfortably accommodate the length of your legs. Shallow depth is ideal if you have an average height or is suffering from bad knees. You should be able to sit fully with your back in the chair so that the bottom touches your calves without applying uncomfortable pressure.
  • Width: last but not least is the width of your chair. Make sure that the chair you will buy is proportionate to your body. That way, you can fit comfortably in it without any feeling of discomfort. You can even choose the one with more space if you’re looking to turn it into a loveseat that’s good for two. If you’re short on space, there are many other alternatives available.


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