A Guide to Podiatrists in Adelaide

Podiatry is a field of medicine dedicated to the study, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the foot, leg, ankle and lower limb. Most commonly, podiatry is used to refer to a group of physicians who are involved in the field of podiatry. Podiatry Adelaide also refers to those physicians who perform surgeries on patients with foot problems such as fractures, arthritis, injured toenails and other foot problems. If you think that you may need to visit a podiatrist clinic to treat any foot-related problem, below are some tips to help you find a good podiatrist.

podiatry AdelaideBefore you choose a podiatrist in Adelaide, it is best to understand what a podiatrist does. They are doctors who specialize in the field of medicine. Unlike other doctors, podiatrists perform examinations, diagnosing and treating foot-related problems. Their job is quite different from that of a doctor. Podiatrists have more schooling and license than other podiatrists because they specialize in the field of podiatry. They need to be trained for at least two years before practising podiatry.

The most common type of podiatry is pediatric. Pediatric refers to the field of podiatry that mainly treats children. Many times, podiatry doctors can diagnose foot conditions that appear in children much earlier than other doctors. A podiatrist treats ankle and leg pain as well as fractures. He might even be able to treat conditions like arthritis and nail infections that appear in children.

Another type of podiatry Adelaide is that of orthopedic. Osteopathic means “of the bone,” and orthopedic podiatry refer to podiatry that involves treating and diagnosing conditions of the bones of the foot.

A podiatrist specializes in podiatry Adelaide and foot disorders. He treats and diagnoses foot related medical conditions for more than thirty years and is very familiar with ankle dislocations and ingrown toenails. In his expert opinion, prevention is better than cure. He often advises his patients to go through a complete physical therapy program before they get orthopedic surgery. He will also advise them to go through specific foot exercises to prevent ankle problems like podiatry foot.

There are many other podiatrists in Adelaide. Some specialize in podiatry for the lower leg and ankle, as well as treating sports injuries.