Just How Effective is LANAP Surgery and Where to Find One in Adelaide

For people who are dealing with gum disease, we get some queries regarding the LANAP technology that we use and just how effective it is compared to other traditional dental treatments. “How effective is LANAP surgery?” “How does it work?” These are good questions, and we’re willing to provide the answer to all of your inquiries. So, if you’re looking for LANAP surgery near Adelaide, we’re the clinic that you should contact. Continue reading to find out more about the effectiveness of LANAP technology.

About the LANAP Procedure

lanap surgery near adelaideTo be honest, some of the answers to your questions are already in the name of the procedure itself. LANAP is an acronym for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure. The phrase “New Attachment” refers to the way the laser treatment encourages the attachment of healthy gum tissue to bone in both your mouth and jaw. That’s important in the procedure for periodontal diseases or gum diseases. The reason is that the progression of the gum disease throughout your mouth means parts of your gums will gradually become infected. This spread of disease can damage the normal attachments of your teeth, which will also result in tooth loss. The LANAP procedure makes sure that it doesn’t happen. Using advanced laser technology, it can help repair your gums, all while repelling any gum disease that you’re dealing with.

How Can LANAP Solve Your Gum Problem?

Reversing your gum problem during periodontal treatment is commonly done over a long stretch of time. It relies on all-natural gum healing techniques that will take months before you can see results. When we use the LANAP protocol to assist in gum disease care and treatment, the laser will help stimulate the healthy gum tissue and create those new attachments to improve the overall healing process of your gums at a much faster rate. If you’re looking for LANAP surgery near Adelaide, you can always trust in our services. We’re LANAP certified, so you can ensure that your treatment and recovery is a hundred percent guaranteed. You’ll be being treated by experienced and qualified dental professionals who use the most advanced laser technologies available today.

So if you’re looking for LANAP surgery near Adelaide, all you need is to call our hotline. We’re standing by right now to take your call. You can also visit our website to know more about the LANAP protocol and our other dental services.