Land Rover Facts to Blow Your Mind

Land Rovers are some of the most trusted SUVs around the world. With a sturdy built and stable running features, this vehicle can last for many years with proper maintenance.

If you’re a Land Rover enthusiast who treasures your vehicle just as you do for your house, here are mind-blowing facts that will make you appreciate your car even more.


Land Rover Service AdelaideOrigins

The first Land Rover model was unveiled in1948. The first model wasn’t popular among urban citizens at that time because back then, a “boxy” design wasn’t “in” for many city people. On the contrary, many people today are fond of this car’s “masculine” feel.


Steer Clear

It’s almost shocking to hear that the first Land Rover had its steering wheel installed in the middle of the auto. At that time, this car was used by rural farmers, so the design was primarily inspired by tractor driving. How weirdly cool is that?


Cool Tires

There is a Land Rover variant that has tank tracks: The Series II Cuthbertson. This variant is said to be the strangest yet among the top coolest models ever to be produced by the manufacturer.


A Monster First

Land Rover created the first monster truck for the British Forestry Commission, although the fact is debated. Some manufacturers said they were the first creators of monster trucks.


The Commission requested since they needed a vehicle that could cross deep and muddy areas during forest inspections. The company obliged, paving the way for monster truck designs and variants we see around the world today.


Another First

The Land Rover team holds many firsts to its name, including the company that created the first crossover SUV called the Road Rover. The vehicle is known worldwide for successfully combining comfort and functionality in one. The Road Rover later became the inspiration for many other models developed by rival auto manufacturers.


Service and Maintenance

Due to the popularity of Land Rover, there are now maintenance providers specialising in this particular brand. If you own a vehicle developed by the manufacturer, you can schedule regular checks with a team offering Land Rover service Adelaide.

If you avail of expert services, your vehicle’s life will be extended – meaning you can use the car for a longer period than with autos that do not receive appropriate care. Your Land Rover service Adelaide expert will help ensure that your vehicle runs well every day.

Land Rover autos are durable and long-lasting. However, it is an owner’s responsibility to ensure that his or her car is serviced and maintained accordingly to extend its lifespan.

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