Learning the Signs That You Need Dental Implants Right Now

One of the most prevalent issues that people will experience at least once in their lives is that of tooth loss. Whether it is due to damaged tooth that is already beyond repair or from gum disease, tooth loss can hugely affect the look of your smile. Keep in mind that single tooth damage can further lead to a severe health issue if you don’t give it immediate treatment.

In avoiding tooth loss, prevention is the best answer. However, there are times where the only remedy left is proper cosmetic care. If you want to know if you already need Lidums Dental Implants Adelaide, keep an eye on these following signs.

1 – You are suffering from a cracked tooth.

A dental crown or implant may be the best options for you if you already have a cracked tooth that is no longer repairable by restorative techniques. After evaluating your cracked or broken tooth, the dentist will next identify the best option for your situation.

Saving as much of the tooth’s structure as possible is one of our goals. Extraction and a dental implant are an excellent option for you if your tooth is already beyond repair. There’s nothing for you to worry or get scared about if our findings show that you already need a dental implant. It is because we can guarantee you a painless process. Not only that but no one will notice it because it similarly looks like your natural teeth.

2 – You have a missing tooth.

For many patients, missing teeth are embarrassing. Without their teeth, especially those close to the front of the mouth, they hesitate or become shy to walk around. Fortunately, missing teeth will never embarrass you anymore as dental implants can serve as the best solution to your need.

3 – You are experiencing bone loss.

Lidums Dental Implants Adelaide can also help in preventing future bone loss, and only a few people know that. A dental implant root composition consists of titanium which is placed in the jawbone’s socket. The presence of titanium helps the implant to bond to the bone tissue. It utilises the bonding process that is popularly known as osseointegration. It enables the implant roots to encourage jawbone growth similar to natural tooth roots would which prevent you from getting bone loss in the future.

4 – Your dentures are loose.

If you are having troubles on how to fix your partial or loose dentures, well, dental implants can solve this problem. Take note that the most effective alternative to dentures is Dental implants. By seeking this treatment, you will no longer worry if your dentures either become loose or fall out. Once your dental implant procedure is complete, rest assured that you can confidently smile again.