MakitaMT Series – An Overview

The Makita MT series M6600X Dual Action Mixer is a popular mixer made by Makita for consumers who don’t want the hassle of mixing several together with an electric mixer. While the original mixer was around for years, there is no indication that Makita is planning to pull the cord on the handy-man mixer market anytime soon either.

makita-mt-seriesLike many Makita mixer products, the MT series can be used for almost any task that requires mixing multiple liquids, solids and other liquids. It can be used as a simple mixer for mixing water into a cup, or it can also be used as a large industrial mixer that can handle multiple batches of different liquids. The most popular liquid that the Makita MT series can mix is ethanol. However, it can also mix soda, kerosene and a variety of other solids.

The MT series comes in both black and white colours and also comes with a variety of accessories such as an adjustable pour spout, screwdriver handle, stainless steel stand and a non-skid grip handle. The only drawback to this type of mixer is that it can only handle liquids up to 100 degrees. As a result, it should not be used to mix gasoline-based products. Some may prefer it for other uses though.

Although some Makita distributors say that the MT series is known for its simplicity, it is still beneficial when it comes to creating customized recipes that call for specific brands or flavours of each ingredient. It can also be used to mix powdered drinks and juices, or it can be used to mix with alcoholic beverages that are not too strong.

For those who are going to use the Makita MT series for cooking, one thing that the product definitely lacks is the capacity to mix powdered sugar into a drink. Some electric mixers can mix powdered sugar and water, but the MakitaMT cannot. It does have a built-in whisk that will whip the powder, but it will not actually whip the drink. Instead, the product will create a thin, milky finish, which may not appeal to some consumers.

Overall, the MakitaMT series is an excellent choice for anyone who wants the ease of mixing different liquids and solids and the ability to get the mix consistency right without the hassle of mixing liquids with the help of an electric mixer. However, the price of this product may make it too expensive for some people and the fact that it can’t mix most types of liquids may deter some buyers from purchasing it.