Advantages You Get by Using Built-In Wardrobes

Searching for the best wardrobe that will suit your needs can be a daunting task since most of the freestanding open closets are either bulky and take up the whole room or short on space for all your clothes, shoes, jewellery and many more. An effortless way to solve this problem is to go for built-in wardrobes or fitted wardrobes which are primarily designed to fit your existing space.


Here is a list of the advantages of using built-in wardrobes:


  1. Maximise Space


In contrast to free-standing closets, built-in wardrobes Adelaide can fit anywhere in your room. It can be designed to go around corners or perhaps around a window to take full advantage of the space inside your room. Through this, you can make use of what would have been wasted corners and create a fantastic room layout. It’s a good idea to take control of your closet.


  1. Blends with Your Interior Design


The best thing with these built-in wardrobes is the fact that you contribute to its design process. You can have a wardrobe that will perfectly blend with the decor and style of your room, even your taste.


You can select materials for your wardrobe that will blend with your interior.  If you own a contemporary style home, then choose sleek and texturised acrylic finishes with stainless steel handles, or if your room has traditional or rustic touches, opt for walnut wood or reclaimed wood.


  1. Has Custom Features


One more advantage of the built-in wardrobe is your freedom to change and personalise the storage accessories. For instance, if the majority of your clothes is formal attire, then you can create your wardrobe to have more hanger space. You may also add a section with racks for your trousers and storage boxes to keep your accessories together.


On the other hand, if you are sharing your wardrobe with your spouse, you can create “his and hers” sections that will accommodate both your needs. You may also decide on the number of drawers and shelves.



  1. Has Integrated Lighting


Since lighting is one of the needs when it comes to closets, built-in wardrobes Adelaide come integrated with light fixtures. Rather than having the free-stand cabinets which are dependent on external light sources of illumination, the built-in wardrobe can be installed with spotlights at the top of the closet or even LED strip lights for the interior shelves to help you find your clothes.


  1. Fits Your Space


What an awful dilemma it is when shopping for a free-standing wardrobe. You ask yourself questions such as: “Would it fit right under the ceiling or will it occupy too much space in the room?” Well, say goodbye to all these issues if you choose to have a built-in wardrobe. You have the luxury of choosing its height and size that will match your room.