Essential Tools Contractors Should Have

Constructing a home or commercial facility is one of the most critical tasks that will help form the economy. Without commercial buildings and homes as some of the key drivers in a country’s growth, achieving economic goals will be hard.

makita tool beltThe construction sector is an important industry that many people may not realise the worth of. Each contractor has a specific task to accomplish in the completion of construction projects. The job comes with various health and safety risks, but construction workers stick with their duties, so we have homes to live in and offices to work in.

If you’ve just started in the construction sector, there are essential tools and equipment you should have to help you accomplish your daily tasks.


Drills are critical in building projects, whether it’s a simple repair or full-room renovation. There are various types of drills that you can explore in the market. Experts recommend brushless drill sets for better precision, easy handling, and best results.


It’s an excellent tool, and it’s still very much necessary in today’s construction works. Chisels have a significant role in specific projects, especially if you’re building a house that features wood interiors and wooden furniture.


It’s almost impossible to find a construction worker that does not have a hammer. This particular tool is a beloved treasure for contractors. It has multiple uses and is among the fundamental tools in the sector that promises better results.

Another hammer type that many construction workers have is the stonemason hammer. This tool is critical in the early stages of building a home or commercial facility.

Pry and Digging Bars

These bars aren’t your ordinary tools. They work for many situations and scenarios in construction. The digging bar is crucial during groundbreaking while the pry bar is necessary for potential demolition of walls or wooded areas of the building that need to be re-done.


Screw Drivers

Some screws just cannot be drilled using electric or cordless drills because they’re too small. It is where manual or “original” screwdrivers come into play. These tools are favoured for drilling smaller and thinner screws.

Tool Belt

Experts highly recommend getting a Makita tool belt for easy handling of various construction tools. You can put all sorts of screwdrivers, hammers, scissors, nails, pliers, and many other devices that help complete the day’s work.

The Makita tool belt offers multiple pouches so you can store more tools and construction apparatus. It is made of thick, durable material that promises both comfort and safety. Contractors testify of the durability of this tool belt and its long lifespan.

Being a construction worker is not easy, but it is a magnificent job that makes people in the sector do their jobs well with the belief that they are helping provide a better living and working environment for the society.