The Value of Stockinette Bags in the Meat Packing Industry

The best way to pack and ship meat, poultry and fish is with stockinette bags. They are easy to use and more economical than the more traditional and costly styrofoam freezer bags.

Poultry or chicken in Stockinette_Bags works well because the chickens can stand up straight without bending or stretching their bodies. Stockinette bags can also be used for transporting other poultry products such as turkeys, ducks, and geese. They are also straightforward to use.

Egg cartons can also be used in Stockinette Bags. When wrapping a carton, first lay the egg inside the carton using overlapping strips of string. It makes it easier to remove the egg.

Stockinette BagsIt is crucial to keep the carton closed tightly to prevent the egg from spilling out. Then, to close the box, use two strips of string. Place a small hole in the centre of the strip to help keep the egg from leaking out.

Omelettes can also be wrapped in a stockinette bag. A layer of thin strips of the string will ensure that the omelette doesn’t leak out. To close the bag, place the edges of the strips together so that they create a small hole.

Meat or poultry products such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey, etc., can be wrapped in them as well. A small hole will allow the air in the package to escape and keep the meat from drying out. It is vital to ensure that the meat is thoroughly sealed when wrapped in a stockinette bag so that it doesn’t come loose.

Stockinette Bags are a flexible material that allows the food product to be “seamed” together. Food wrapping is an old method, and you’ll see it being used in many ethnic restaurants.

Omelettes are also packaged in stockinette bags. Just spread the dough on a cookie sheet and wrap it in a pair of kitchen shears. Keep the edges of the dough folded up to keep it from bunching up.

Then start rolling out the dough by lightly brushing it with olive oil. Let the dough roll around on the surface, and if it gets to stick, it can be cut into sections with scissors.

Food wrapping is now possible with chicken stockinette bags. Put the ingredients on the bag in a uniform manner. Then tie a small knot at the top and let the bad air out in the refrigerator.

Chicken can also be stuffed in a stockinette bag. If you are making a large amount of stuffing, you might want to use the Ziploc freezer bag.

Stockinette_Bags are an excellent economical way to package and transport poultry and fish. You can find them at most major grocery stores. Once you get the hang of using stockinette bags, you’ll wonder how you ever shipped anything before.