The Oakford Display Homes Adelaide

The Oakford display homes Adelaide are available for viewing by prospective home buyers. Each of the Oakford display homes expert builders with experience and dedication has built Adelaide. A dedicated team of tradespeople and selection coordinators is on hand to make the whole process as simple as possible. With over 20 years in the business, the company is known for building homes with the highest standards and requirements. They pride themselves on being a local, family-owned business and are committed to meeting the needs of their clients.

Oakford display homes AdelaideThe Oakford display homes Adelaide feature a range of high-quality designs and finishes to suit varying budgets and contemporary lifestyles. In ensuring the highest level of customer service, each home is allocated a Project Coordinator and Building Supervisor. With over 120 new homes built each year, you can expect outstanding customer service from a local company that builds quality homes. They continue to invest in the latest design and technology features to provide a quality home that meets your specific requirements.

The Oakford display homes Adelaide have the Prestige collection for prospective home buyers. Visitors to the Hawthorn Display Centre can view a pair display homes. This centre is easily accessible from William Street. They can also visit the Hawthorn Display centre to view two Prestige Collection homes. A large open plan is available for those who want to preview various options. They can also get a full tour of the homes.

The Oakford display homes Adelaide are available for inspection. There are two different Prestige Collection displays in Hawthorn. Each is equipped with a separate children’s zone, including a children’s activity room and family bathroom. The main living area is complete with a grand open plan and a spacious lounge room. The master suite has its ensuite, while the other two bedrooms feature ensuites and a luxurious ensuite.

The Oakford display homes Adelaide offer three-bedroom Prestige Collection homes. The display centre in Hawthorn offers the Prestige Collection at an affordable price. The display centres have a central lounge room accessible from William Street. There are also many other displays in the Hawthorn region. They are located at 77 Crossroad in Hawthorn and are easily accessible from William Street. The home’s location and the display centre is easy to find.

The display homes are a great way to learn more about the different types of homes available in the area. You can explore the Prestige Collection in Hawthorn’s display centre. You can view the homes in the Hawthorn district. The display centre has two Prestige Collection houses. The homes are situated at 77 Crossroad in Hawthorn, making it easy to visit and see the display.