Tips in Buying Heels When Your Focus is Comfort

Almost all women in the world are genuinely in love with high heels. Although heels have a negative image in terms of creating long-term side effects, some ladies out there seem not to care as long as they look perfect and confident while wearing it. However, you must know that you don’t need to settle for high heels because there are plenty of beautiful low heel shoes Australia widely available in the market today. Learning how to find one that will not compromise comfort is the only thing you must do when shopping for a new pair of footwear.

  1. Decreased Shoe Slope

low heel shoesYou will feel more uncomfortable wearing it for hours if the shoe features steeper slope. To purchase a comfortable pair, you must accurately measure the distance between the heel and the ball of the shoe. Keep in mind that the wider the distance is, the more comfortable the shoe will be. In contrast, if the gap between the heel and the ball of the shoe is closer, wearing it will be much more uncomfortable as the slope becomes steeper. Also, if you wish to walk a little longer and gracefully, opt for platform heels as they can help decrease the decline of the slope by centimetres to inches.

  1. Extra Cushioning

You tend to experience foot fatigue when wearing high heels due to numerous reasons. However, there are two significant key areas your foot stresses the most when walking around while wearing heels and are firmly responsible for the overall fatigue of your foot, which is the ball and heel. For a woman with average weight, over 100lbs is dropped to the ball of her foot and heel in every step she makes. While that long slender to a thick piece of compound attached to the shoe or known as the heels is the one responsible for assisting you in taking the step while still simultaneously balancing your weight and movement. Thus, we always recommend that women should wear heels that have extra padding on both the ball and heel to avoid stressing the foot. Surely, you are not only keeping your feet supported in all the key areas but wearing high heels with proper cushioning will also help you walk or stand longer with comfort.

  1. Flexible and Lightweight

Whether it is high or low heel shoes Australia, rest assured that these comfortable heels will stay as ergonomic as possible. Both hard and rigid pumps significantly promote quick foot fatigue. That’s why you should pick a heel that is not only made with lightweight compounds but are also flexible enough to move with all your foot’s steps and curves. To determine the quality of the heel, you should feel its weight by holding the shoe in both hands. While to test its flexibility, try to fold it inwards. Take note that the more comfortable the high heel will become if it feels lighter and more flexible.

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