Door Lever Sets, Door Knobs, and Latches Styles

Door Lever Sets, Door Knobs, and Latches Styles

A door lever typically has a knob attached to it that allows you to operate the door manually. You can use the lever to lower or lift the door to open it, but it can also be used to prevent the door from closing if you’re using a heavier door. You can find door levers in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes. To find the perfect lever for your house, you can filter your search on the selection choices on the left-hand navigation panel.

For exterior doors, the most common style is the exterior knob and door handles combination. This lever sets with an integrated hook on both sides to allow movement between the interior and external doors. External door levers usually swing up and down and have a straight stem that allows a tight and snug fit on both the interior and exterior handlebars. Because they swing outward, they tend to get worn out easily from repeated use, so if you are interested in investing in an exterior door lever set, consider purchasing a set of coordinating interior door handles. These handles can also be easily updated as new models of the same style come out.

For an interior door, you will find two different types of door levers – keyless and deadbolt. Keyless door levers do not require a key to operate and are designed to work in conjunction with the locking mechanism on your door (either internal or external doors). The keyless entry system is becoming increasingly popular in homes as it provides a fast, easy and secure way to add another layer of security.

Deadbolt lever handles are similar to traditional doorknobs in that they are used to prevent the door from opening from either side, but they function with a deadbolt lock rather than a key. A deadbolt lock ensures that only people who know the code to the lock can open the door. However, while they offer more security than keyless door knobs, they are far less secure than their key-operated cousins.

Door levers are available in a wide variety of styles to suit the most home decor. They range from ornate, Victorian-style lever sets to simple and functional ones. Some examples of interior and exterior door hardware that can be purchased include antique and traditional lever sets, roller and slide door locks, and sectional door locks. The variety of hardware that can be found for interior and exterior doors makes it possible to match any decor. To add extra security, some homeowners opt for iron or steel door knobs and latches. These are generally used to prevent unauthorized access to the home.

If you would like to upgrade the hardware on your already existing doors, there are various styles and finishes to choose from. Some popular finishes include bronze, brass, polished brass, and nickel. For the ultimate in sophistication, some homeowners choose to get custom door levers and latches. This will allow you to match the styles of your existing hardware and to further personalize your property.