Circular Saw – Powerful, Reliable, Versatile, and Affordable!

The AEG circular saw is an excellent option for anyone in the market for a new circular saw. This saw is a quality product that is built to stand up to even the most demanding applications. The AEG circular saw is also a very affordable option that can give consumers quality performance at a reasonable price. Here are some things to take into consideration when purchasing this saw.

aeg-circular-sawAEG manufactures a series of saw blades that come in a variety of sizes and styles. Depending on your needs, AEG offers both a centre feed and a side feeder for these circular saws. For example, the AEG 18V184mm Brushless Deep cut Circular Saw has a class-setting 68mm deep cut, raising efficiency when cutting thicker layers of material. Along with a long-lasting, fully automatic motor that extends overall battery life, you can make many more cuts in less time with this saw.

When it comes to the safety of a saw blade, AEG takes this seriously. AEG provides up to two million cuts with an aluminium oxide layer before a blade edge wears down and requires replacement. A well-made saw blade is far easier to wear down than a hard metal blade, which can damage and create safety problems over time. To ensure optimal protection, AEG offers a lifetime warranty on its circular saw blades along with AEG’s standard warranty on its other cutting tools.

Another AEG circular saw feature incorporates the use of AEG’s groundbreaking heavy-duty rafter hook. The innovative hook allows users to attach two parallel rods, which, in turn, can rotate simultaneously. As a result, it allows the user to cut through multiple layers of material with relative ease. The ability to attach the rods in this way means there is no need for a jig cutter. Instead, the user needs to apply force to the rods and rotate them simultaneously. This powerful action cranks out an incredible amount of torque and cuts consistently and cleanly through multiple layers of material with no worry of slipping or snagging.

Finally, the AEG circular saw features a powerful and efficient twin hook and a powerful brushless motor. Unlike other saws of AEG, the twin hook features an “E” ring, allowing it to be quicker to engage and disengage while reducing overall friction. The motor is also built ergonomically, allowing it to be more comfortable to hold during operation. Additionally, the motor allows users to change speeds at virtually any speed, making it possible to work in a wide range of conditions. This superior combination of power and capability makes AEG the most versatile circular saw of its type.

AEG is an extremely popular brand, which makes it hard to come across a used AEG. Auctions are constantly popping up for these models, but buying an AEG that has already been used can be a difficult task. If you are looking to buy used AEGs, the best strategy may be to browse online auctions, and this will allow you to get an idea of the market price before shelling out any money. Used circular saws are not hard to find and can save you a ton of money when purchased correctly.