Learn How to Be a Jedi With a Lightsaber

A lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi. It is a powerful, elegant weapon that can slice through enemies and blast doors. Its abilities can also be used to deflect or reflect incoming blaster bolts. It is why it is one of the most popular weapons among Star Wars fans. In addition, the lightsaber is a great way to learn how to become a Jedi. But how do you get started? Here are a few tips.


There are many different colours of lightsabers in the Star Wars universe. Since A New Hope, colours have been diversified to include purple, green, orange, black, and white. However, there is only one canonical white lightsaber. Despite its neutral colour, the white lightsaber has its lore. So let’s take a closer look. Here are some of its characteristics. And if you’re curious, you can learn more about how to use it.


The Jedi who use a yellow lightsaber are called Jedi Sentinels, one of the three schools of the Jedi Order. These Jedi combine the best of both worlds and become expert spies, trackers, and technicians. While these lightsabers do not appear in the main Star Wars trilogy, they appear in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In the first film, the Jedi Sentinels defend the temple on Coruscant.


In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there is only one canon character with an orange lightsaber: Cal Kestis. Cal is a force-sensitive human who becomes a Jedi knight. His lightsaber was made by Dark Jedi Yun, who is said to be the most powerful being in the galaxy. There are no other examples of characters using orange lightsabers, however. In the Star Wars universe, there is a connection between the Jedi and the colour orange.


Rotoscoping is a unique effect in filmmaking, which involves tracking the rods on the films that make up a lightsaber. This process produces the luminous effect that is characteristic of Star Wars movies. This technique involves tracking the movement of a prop stick to create the illusion of a lightsaber. This method is referred to as rotoscoping and is a trademark of the Star Wars franchise.

Kyber crystals

The Star Wars universe is filled with several different types of kyber crystals. Unfortunately, many of these crystals are obscure and rarely used. The most common type is the mephite crystal, found in the Adega system. They possess a property known as force-reactivity, which allows them to enhance your lightsaber’s power. This crystal is used in the Huulik lightsaber, which contains the most kyber crystals in a single saber.

Jedi rite of passage

The first step in becoming a Jedi Knight is to complete a rite of passage called the Gathering, where younglings learn to control the Force by completing the training and claiming the kyber crystal. The crystals can be found on various planets and are the power source of a lightsaber. The ritual will last several months and test the younglings’ dedication to the force and their desire to become Jedi Knights.

Rey’s lightsaber

Rey’s lightsaber was a striking contrast to her dark counterpart. It was white-gold and was constructed from parts of a quarterstaff. While it was not identical to the light-coloured one, it fit right in Rey’s hand. Furthermore, it was not the first time a yellow lightsaber appeared in canon. In the previous films, a yellow lightsaber was used by the Jedi Temple Guardians. Therefore, Rey’s lightsaber’s yellow blade may symbolise being a full-fledged Jedi Knight.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to be a Jedi, there are a few different steps you can take to become an expert lightsaber user. One way is to enrol in a lightsaber duelling class. This type of class allows you to train with others and practice with them. However, if you’d instead learn how to be a Jedi on your own, you can find self-study guides and even start a lightsaber duelling club.

There are also some books on the subject. There’s a great deal of lore surrounding lightsabers on YouTube, which can be a great way to learn about the weapon itself. If you’d prefer to learn about the history and mechanics of the lightsaber in detail, you can also purchase e-books or long-form online articles.